Episode 103: Rochelle Yonezawa - "It took a child to point that out to me"

Episode 104: Rochelle Yonezawa - “What you do has an effect on so many things and people around you.”

Rochelle Yonezawa is a former physician. On a warm day in October of 1989, something was set into motion that changed her life. A few simple words helped her refocus on what was important in life. She made the decision to leave her profession to care for her family. That decision wasn't an easy one and didn't always sit well. She explains the importance of two family themes that have shaped the way she lives her life.

Produced and edited by Tommy McMahon
Part 1: Opening and closing music by Justin Pinkerton https://justinpinkerton.bandcamp.com/
Part 2: Music by Tommy McMahon